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Event Details

The 2020 Chesapeake Region Chapter of CAI Annual Symposium and Expo will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2020! Due to the current health restrictions and concern for our members, we will be holding a Virtual Expo this year.

The interactive morning General Session will review 4 topics that all boards should know and follow to ensure their association continues to run like a business.

Conflict Resolution

You can't please everyone all of the time, but you can minimize the disagreements in your community. Learn how to deal with conflict before it escalates and how to best resolve any conflict it if it does arise.

Reviewing Contracts

Contracts are used to build your community piece by piece. These contracts include landscaping, snow-removal, community management, etc. but what makes a good contract? What should a board member look for when reviewing multiple contracts for jobs within their community? This session will walk you through the important points of contract review to ensure the work done in your community matches the expectations of the board and homeowners.


  • Ellen Throop, Esq. - Principal - Elmore & Throop, P.C.
  • Christy Stevens, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Community Manager - Community Association Management, LLC, AAMC

How to Interact with Managers and Vendors

Running a community requires several parties. There are the board members who often work with a manager, who in turn, works with business partners that service the community. Who does what in these relationships and how is information communicated between the various parties and homeowners within the communities? This session will review best-practices for roles and responsibilities and communication between these groups and how to handle these complex relationships.


  • Joanne Fralliciardi, CMCA, AMS - Community Manager - Community Association Management, LLC, AAMC
  • Kerrie Zander, PCAM - Sales Representative - DoodyCalls, Inc.

Fiduciary and Professional Responsibilities of Board Members

The Board of a community has many responsibilities. They must make decisions that impact the financial well-being of a community. For example, did your community open its pool in 2020? What was the financial impact of opening (or not opening) the pool? How was this decision made and how was it communicated to the community? The responsibility of the board should be treated with a high-level of professionalism when interacting with other board members and homeowners within the community. Join this section to learn best practices and tools to use to be a professional and successful board member.


  • Cris Helle - Board Member - Worman's Mill Community Conservancy
  • Craig Zaller, Esq. - Principal and Managing Partner - Nagle & Zaller, P.C.

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