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Save the dateNovember 9, 20229:30 AM - 12 PM (GMT-5)
Event Details
Event Details

To provide more time for our attendees to meet with the legal experts, this webinar is scheduled to run from 9:30-noon.

Join us to learn about important legal topics regarding the collection process such as:

  1. The Role of the Board/Manager in the Collections Process - Defining expectations/communication/reporting
  2. The Importance of a Collections Policy and Understanding Your Association's Documents
  3. What is the Contract Lien Act/In Rem Actions
  4. How to Stay Away from Fair Debt Claims
  5. A Bankruptcy Primer
  6. A Sherriff's Sale Primer
  7. How to Obtain and Enforce a Money Judgment
  8. Lien Foreclosures
  9. The Importance of and When to Write-off Bad Debt
  10. Remedies Available When an Owner Stops Paying - Holding back amenities
  11. When to consider and how to structure a payment plan - Waiving interest/fees

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