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Save the dateNovember 16, 20229:30 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT-5)
Event Details
Event Details

To provide more time for our attendees to meet with the legal experts, this webinar is scheduled to run from 9:30-noon.

Join us to learn about important legal topics regarding the collection process such as:

1. The Role of the Board/Manager in the Collections Process and the Importance of a Collection Policy

2. Knowing Your Association Documents – What Fees Can Be Charged to the Owners And When Can an Association Suspend


3. What is the Contract Lien Act/In Rem Actions

4. How to Stay Away from Fair Debt Claims

5. Bankruptcy, A Primer

6. Sherriff's Sale, A Primer

7. How to Obtain and Enforce a Money Judgment

8. The Hidden Costs When Owners Don't Pay

9. Discussing Delinquencies in Public and Should Board Members Try to Collect On Their Own

10. Lien Foreclosure v. Personal Suit: The Pros and Cons


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